Keepsakes to remember your vacation and travel destinations

Each year, most of us only have around two weeks of paid vacation days – which is why it’s important that we plan our trips wisely. The world is so big and there are definitely a lot of places to go and things to see.

With the short time we can only spend in those places, we need great keepsakes to remember them by.

You probably had already bought a lot of souvenirs from all your travels, like magnets, hats, cups, keychains, and souvenir shirts. Of course, we don’t have to be fortune tellers to guess that some of your other souvenirs would be found stuck on your fridge. 


Fridge Magnet Souvenirs 

Yes, we’re referring to all those location-inspired fridge magnets you have that has no other use but hold notes or fall on the floor if you have closed the fridge too hard, on occasions.

Fridge Magnets ornaments

We’re not hating on fridge magnets, don’t get us wrong. It’s just that, fridge magnet souvenirs are far too common already to even be memorable – so why not try a different type of souvenir this time?

Vacation and Travel Christmas Ornaments

Ta-da! Christmas tree ornaments! What best way to remember your travels than to be reminded of them all at once by the end of the year?

There are even ones that can be personalized by having your names added to them. Every trip and vacation should be unforgettable, so go and explore the world as you save ornaments that would showcase your cross country and overseas travel.


Here are a few ornament ideas you should get on your next travel.

Cruise Ornaments

Going on a cruise can be a great vacation, so you should definitely get lots and lots of photos and an ornament or two, as souvenirs for this trip. An ornament you can get for this kind of trip could be our cruise ship or sea animal-shaped ones like whales or dolphins


Beach Ornaments

These kinds of ornaments are what will remind you of the nice warm summers you’ve spent on countless beaches, the warm sun and the feel of the sand between your toes. There are a lot of designs to choose from, like surfboards, a starfish design, Sea  turtle, seashells, and even flip flops! If you’re out with a partner, we recommend a couple-themed ornament, like beach chairs with your names on them.


Camping and Outdoors Ornaments

Camping is a fun adventure to remember especially if it’s your first time in the wilderness, or you’re bringing a first-timer along with you. Help them remember this trip fondly by getting a camping-inspired ornament like a tiny log cabin, or a map and compass designed one. You can also get one that looks like a tent or an RV!


Fishing Trip Ornaments

Yes, fishing is tricky, but who wouldn’t want to be reminded of their first big catch? If you or someone you know is into fishing and wants to remember this trip other than seeing photos, then getting a fishing ornament is the best way to go. You can choose from designs like fishing boats, fishermen, and even a fishing sign with measure!


Travel Ornaments

Aside from coming to an unknown territory, one of the exciting parts of traveling out of the country is packing your bags and planning your OOTDs, and of course, riding the plane. Remind yourself of these fun parts by getting a plane-shaped ornament with the year of your travel, or a suitcase shaped one, and have the name of your destination written on it.


Famous Cities Ornaments

If you’ve been planning to go to a famous tourist destination, don’t forget to get an ornament with that design. Have the year of your travel written on it and hang it on your tree so the memories remain.

Visiting incredible India? Make sure you get your hands on those elephant ornaments. This will definitely remind you not just of the place, but also of their culture, that loves animals so dearly.

If you’re traveling to New York, you may want to get ornaments with designs like the Big Apple, their City Skyline, The Statue of Liberty, a yellow taxi, or maybe a design that has all of them!

Should you be traveling to Paris, of course, an ornament of the Eiffel tower is only appropriate. Plus points if you also find one with a design that looks like Arc de Triomphe, or La Louvre!

Traveling to Florida? Don’t forget to get a flamingo ornament!

London? Make sure you remember by taking home an ornament that looks like a double-decker bus, red telephone booth, or the Big Ben!

San Francisco? Yes, definitely go for that Golden Gate Bridge looking ornament, and don’t even think twice.



We assure you that these ornaments will definitely make the Christmas season feel extra joyous and wonderful as you hang each one of them on your tree and remember your trips to different places with people you care about. So, go on and start collecting on your next vacation!


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