Celebrating Rainbows – Pride Month Gift Ideas

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“In a world with so much hatred, everyone should be allowed to love.“ – Anonymous

Unexpected friendships are always the best ones, they are the people who are very similar to us, or who could be our total opposite.

Sometimes referred to as: “brother from another mother”, “lost twin”, or “soul sisters”. Whatever terms we give to our best friends or whatever we call them, one thing we know is that we are inseparable from them.

If you have a gay BFF, you maybe already know that they are the people you didn’t think you need. They can be someone you can relate to or someone that just “gets” you.

Best Friends BFF

But above all, they are your one-call-away friend. Thinking of what to wear on a dinner? They can help you choose what fit is perfect for your every occasion,

There’s a sale on your favorite store? They’ll join you shopping! Someone broke your heart? They’ll tell you just to find another.

Having a bad day? They knew even before you tell them.

So, keep them forever and give the same energy back they give you by joining their journey and run to equality.

During Pride Month, here are some unique gift ideas you can give to the gay friends in your life.


Sassy Sunflowers

If ever there’s one thing we should remember about loving is to learn an individual’s love language, if you’re not familiar with these, there are 5.

Receiving gifts is just one of them. It’s important to take note to ensure the relationship isn’t self-centered.

You must be familiar with how your partner or your friend expresses their love. If you’re the shy type, you won’t just say “I love you” directly.

Sassy Sunflower

Don’t forget that there are various ways to show them that you care, just like giving them a flower.

Express your support and love for your LGBTQ+ relative or friend by giving them a “happy” flower and we’re pretty sure you’ll brighten their day.

Enamel Pin

Not all gay people are the same, while some dress fashionably or extravagant like a drag queen, some choose to dress normally or monochromatic.

We should just leave it up to them and shouldn’t make them feel less or different about their choices.

Gift them this rainbow enamel pin and remind them that they can be whatever they want to be and guarantee that they will add this to their fashion statements.


You are loved canvas

We all know that our gay friends radiate laughter in the group, to the point that when they aren’t around it feels like something’s missing.

They serve as our sunshine on our cloudy days, but it isn’t always like that. Help them feel appreciated by giving a canvas that they can hang. Remind them they are loved whenever they feel insecure, remind them that there are always people who they can always talk to.

Music headset

There are so much negativity and hatred in the world, there are people who got nothing better to do other than just watching your every move and waiting for you to make mistakes.

Don’t let your friends be down because of this, give them their stylish headset so they can listen to music, be stress-free and far away from life’ drama.


Rainbow Personalized Ornament

Nothing comes more thoughtful than buying someone a personalized item, it’s like telling them that you think they’ll like it so you got one or it’s made especially for them.

Gift them this ornament with your friends’ names and their partners’ names on it as a symbol of the love they share.

Encourage them to raise their rainbow flag that means love sets no boundaries between two people who truly love each other.

Love Is Love Gay Personalized Christmas Ornament

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