Celebrating Christmas In July

Christmas In July Christmas Ornaments

How to Celebrate Christmas in July

As the heat of the summer starts to get to you, July comes along and offers a bit of relief. It will likely be hot, but by celebrating Christmas in July, you’ll be able to transform yourself into a colder time of year.

An early Christmas celebration offers a time for food, fun, and plenty of decorations.

Whether you choose to put up some form of Christmas tree, complete with personalized beach ornaments and plenty of vacation ornaments, or you choose to decorate in another way, the decor will help set the mood.

If you want to know how to celebrate Christmas in July, there are a few basics you should know:

  1. Christmas in July is celebrated on July 25th
  2. Christmas in July eve can be celebrated the night before on July 24th
  3. Christmas in July originated in Sydney, Australia in the 1970s because it’s their wintertime
  4. Some believe it originated in the early 1890s, due to a Christmas Song from a French opera
  5. Other think it started in 1933 at a girl’s camp called Keystone Camp in North Carolina

While the origin may differ, depending on your location, celebrating Christmas in July can certainly become a new family tradition.


Who Celebrities Christmas in July?

Many people across the globe celebrate Christmas in July. It’s very common in Australia, New Zealand, and throughout the Southern Hemisphere.

Since winter happens in July for locations in the Southern Hemisphere, it has become a bit of a tradition to celebrate Christmas during this time of year.


Residents from the southern hemisphere throw Christmas celebrations in July, as that is the peak month of their winter season.

How do you Throw a Party for Christmas in July?

Unlike celebrating a traditional Christmas in December, Christmas in July offers the unique opportunity for different types of decor.

Depending on your location, you may choose a summer theme with ornaments from your latest vacation or travels throughout your lifetime.

  • Throwing a party for Christmas in July offers plenty of options including:
  • Unique Themes, such as beach, vacation, Disney, picnic, BBQ, July 4th, and more!
  • Tropical Drinks with unique colors, such as Grinch Punch or Coquito
  • Awesome themed Christmas Cookies in the shapes of palm trees, hula dancers, and more!
  • Fun Ornaments, such as Santa with a Surf Board, Personalized Flip Flops, and more!

From the theme to the decor, when you choose to throw a party for Christmas in July, you have plenty of options.

Of course, you can make it a more traditional celebration similar to the way you celebrate Christmas in December.


Turning Christmas in July into a Family Tradition

All families have some type of tradition unique to them. If you’re looking for a way to make new memories, get your family together outside of the holidays, and enjoy great company, celebrating Christmas in July may be the perfect option.

Since this celebration falls in the middle of the summer, you can celebrate with a family vacation or pair the celebration with other family events.

Maybe one year, you pair it with a celebration of Mom and Dad’s 50th wedding anniversary and another year it’s also a celebration for a new baby joining the family.

There are many ways to turn Christmas in July into a family tradition. You can even add new personalized ornaments every year to commemorate all the different family milestones for the year!

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