7 Unique Gift Ideas That Dog Lovers Will Fur-Ever Love (100% Dog-Approved)

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100% Dog-Approved Gift Ideas

Some say that there are only two types of people: dog lovers and the others.

If you classify the first one then this list is perfect for you.

But if you fall on the latter then you’ll still be interested because there is surely at least one person among your friends who loves dogs. If you don’t love dogs just yet, give it a little more time and you might soon fall in love with how adorable they are!

We rounded up some great ideas to gift to your friends who are fur-rents, and yes, they can also be items you can buy for yourself!

The list is composed of pieces for the owners themselves to be reminded of their four-legged best friend, and of course, this selection can only be completed with the actual gifts for the fur-babies.

Three Dog Bakery Cookies

Three Dog Bakery Cookies

Photo by Three Dog Bakery Cookies

It’s a chocolate chip cookie for your dog! Oh, we’re aware that chocolate is not good for them but this product is completely safe.

Three Dog Bakery made a special recipe for the fur babies to make this a dog-safe treat. Carob chip cookie might become their next favorite treat though, so watch out to not spoil them with it too much.


BLACK+DECKER hand vacuum

Photo by Country Living

One of the challenges of taking care of dogs is the fur that must be cleaned. It’s always fun to play with them a lot, even on the sofa or anywhere else in the house.

So, to make life easier, this find is a good investment for the cleaning needs.

This vacuum is light and very portable and it is cordless too. Save time in cleaning and allot them more with playing with dogs by buying this vacuum.

Grounds & Hounds Coffee

Grounds & Hounds Coffee

Photo by Grounds & Hounds Coffee

Didn’t expect this one to be on a list related to dogs?

Well, it is here for a good cause. First, it’s coffee and no one refuses coffee.
Second, it’s literally for a good cause as a portion of their sales support dog rescues.

Purchase this unexpected gift for your dog-lover friends and watch over your dogs while enjoying a steaming cup of this drink.

Matching Dog Collar & Owner Friendship Bracelet

Matching Dog Collar & Owner Friendship Bracelet

Photo by Pettsie

This item is not like any other dog collar. It’s aesthetically pleasing and looks glamorous but what is more important here is there’s a matching item for the dog parent.

Going to places without the pup will not be so hard any more with this cool token of your friendship. That’ll make them think that the dog and the owner are tied together, in a good way!

Dog Blueprints

Dog Blueprints

Photo by Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods came up with mid-century inspired blueprints of your favorite dog breeds that will always remind you of these lovely beings.

You or your friend don’t even have to be a dog lover to buy this because this can be hung on any wall and will just light up the entire room.

The framed prints are detailed with interesting information with its design specs with more than 100 breeds to choose from.  

Heated Pet Bed

Heated Dog Bed

Photo by Chewy

You can keep your dog feel the warmth with this item even when you cannot snuggle them, especially during colder days. K&H Pet Products created this Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper that your dogs (even cats) can use.

What’s great about this is the temperature of the bed adjusts according to the pets’ temperature and is surely comfortable that you’ll want one for yourself. Another thing to think about is the fact that it is also good for pets with joint problems.

The above-mentioned gifts will surely be a hit no matter what. With all the love you can receive from the adorable four-legged furry babies, a little showcase of your own affection through these purchases is nothing. Here’s a bonus from our very own collection:

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